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XG Originals

"100% Natural" Crackhead
"420" Dogbreath
"420 - AN1X Remix" Dogbreath
"A BedTime Story" JRG
"A Changing World" In-Verter
"A lil'Myзtikal" Mu-Lator
"A New Age" JD Harding
"A New Day" Phaze-1
"A Ritual Life" Phaze-1
"Absolute Zero" Phaze-1
"Abyss" Revvo Andrey
"Acid Move" Phaze-1
"All The E In The World" Happs
"Altatrax" Crackhead
"Ambient" Sam Sketty
"Ankarian Tales" Marek Szulen
"Annie Logik" Trond Olsen
"Another" Trond Olsen
"AOR" Yamaha
"April" Rob Litjens
"As Far As You Can See" Sascha Henken
"Avalon" Sascha Henken
"Babahard Song" Paul Fiction
"Badlands" Dude
"Be Far Of From Me" Revvo Andrey
"Be Static" Crackhead
"Beyond My Control" Sascha Henken
"Beyond The Skies" Sascha Henken
"Beyond The Void" David J. Kelly
"Birdland" Marek Szulen
"Blackbird" DJ Blackbird
"Blurred Images" Happs
"Bodacious Bhangra" Yamaha
"Body Sexperience" N-Traxx
"Born Digital" Happs
"Brain Infection" Crackhead
"Breaky" Virex
"Breathe - Drum'n'Bass" JD Harding
"Breathe" JD Harding
"Bridge" Dude
"Broken Minds" Crackhead
"Bumping" Sascha Henken
"Butt Blower" D. Kelly
"CafeJungl" Yamaha
"Called Electric Spirit" Happs
"Calmness Night" Vandit
"Calypso Mix - Part 2" Paul Fiction
"Can You Move in Fre-Quen-Cy" Phaze-1
"CE One" Sascha Henken
"CE Two" Sascha Henken
"Cexst" Sascha Henken
"Chaotic Destiny" Empheus
"Chillie Wheather" David J. Kelly
"Climax" Happs
"Close Your Eyes" Phaze-1
"Club Nation" Phaze-1
"Clubches" Unknown
"Cognito" Yamaha
"Corridors" Sascha Henken
"Cosmoman" N-Traxx
"Creepy Things" Crackhead
"Cryogenic Emotions" Sascha Henken
"Cryotic" Crackhead
"Crystal Winter" ModeXG
"Crystal" 1Id
"Cut And Paste" Trond Olsen
"CyberCat" Morten Hagen Svendsen
"CyberVibr8or" N-Traxx
"Dance On Dude" Ross Dawson
"Dance People" Phaze-1
"DAO Free" Revvo Andrey
"Darkest Behavior" Phaze-1
"Death Is Whispering" In-Verter
"Death" Sascha Henken
"Digital Clouds" Virex
"Digital Millennium" Happs
"Dimensions" Dharma Music
"Displacement" Hydrix
"Distance" ModeXG
"Distant Devotions" Mu-Lator
"DJ's Delight" Sam Sketty
"Dodging Starz" Happs
"Domination" ModeXG
"Don't Give Up" Sascha Henken
"Dream Child" David J. Kelly
"Dream" DJ Blackbird
"Dreams In Teknosys" Mu-Lator
"Dreams Of Pure Darkness" Mu-Lator
"Dreams" JD Harding
"Dreamstyle" Happs
"DrumFire" Phaze-1
"D-Shake" Phaze-1
"Dune Mood" Trond Olsen
"Dune Racers" David J. Kelly
"Easy Goin'" Steve
"Eat This Too" Analog
"Eat Us Three" Analog
"Edge Of Darkness" Sascha Henken
"Elfin Wood" David J. Kelly
"Emotion" JD Harding
"End Of Winter" ModeXG
"Epic" Dude
"Extreme" Franma
"Fanfare 98" Steve
"Far Worlds" David J. Kelly
"First Dream" Revvo Andrey
"Flares" Yamaha
"Float1" Hydrix
"Floating Point" X-Static
"Floating" JRG
"Floating" Nearin
"Fool's Gold" JRG
"Forever" DJ Blackbird
"Forgotten Memories" Morgen Hagen Svendsen
"Forgotten Times" Phaze-1
"Full Memory" Empheus
"Funkin 4 Ya" Phaze-1
"Fussion" Sam Sketty
"Galaxy Of Dance" N-Traxx
"Garbage Can" Trond Olsen
"Garden" Unknown
"Gecko" Dude
"Gentle Love" Vandit
"Getting Paranoid" Sascha Henken
"Go 4 Goa" N-Traxx
"Grep" Analog
"Guitar Dreamz" X-Static
"Guitar!" Dude
"Hands On" Phaze-1
"HardTrance EP Volume 1" Holger Kapela
"HardTrance EP Volume 3" Holger Kapela
"Harmonical Bases" Beathoven
"Heart Attack" N-Traxx
"Higher, Calmer" Happs
"Hip Pop" In-Verter
"Hold Me Please In The Shadow" Franma
"Holophobic" N-Traxx
"Human" Patrick Van Der Sluijs
"Hymn To Hashahin" N-Traxx
"Hypnotic Rap" In-Verter
"Hypnotica" Michael Walthius
"Illusion Of The Mind" JD Harding
"In My Alcoholic Mind" Crackhead
"In The House" James Burton
"In Your Face" DJ Blackbird
"Intelligent Summer" Phaze-1
"Interleaver" Phaze-1
"Into You - Demo" Revvo Andrey
"Iokes Death" Sascha Henken
"It's Kinda Sad" DJ Blackbird
"It's Only Me" David J. Kelly
"Jacob" Sascha Henken
"Jam It" Crackhead
"Jamma" Trond Olsen
"Journey To The Unknown" Crackhead
"Jumper" Trond Olsen
"Jungle Fever" Yamaha
"Jungle Ova' Tha Ridge I" Mu-Lator
"Jungle Ova' Tha Ridge II" Mu-Lator
"Just 4 Fun" Fireman
"Kaktus" Trond Olsen
"Kamel" Trond Olsen
"Kapahamakan" Mu-Lator
"Karamell" Trond Olsen
"Keep It Together" Happs
"Kryogenique" Mu-Lator
"La Fore" James Burton
"Life Forms" Sascha Henken
"Light From The Moon" JD Harding
"Like Faked Objects" Beathoven
"Liquidation" 1ID
"Little Dream Part 1" Steve
"Little Dream Part 2" Steve
"Little Green Man From Mars" David J. Kelly
"Live For A Moment" Happs
"Lokind" Dude
"Lost In The Arab Sun" Paul Fiction
"Lost In Trance" N-Traxx
"Lost Love" Vandit
"Love Vision" N-Traxx
"Lovin' You" Happs
"Lubric-A8-Or" Phaze-1
"Machine Man" N-Traxx
"Magic Hand" Phaze-1
"Magic Light" Crackhead
"Maharashtra" N-Traxx
"Mandingo" Rob Litjens
"Maniac's Return" Crackhead
"Mars Mobil" N-Traxx
"Maze" Phaze-1
"Medicine Man" David J. Kelly
"Mellow Mixia 2" Crackhead
"Mellow Mixia" Crackhead
"Mental Takeover" Lars Nyga
"Message" Vandit
"MIDItation" Oleg Kuznetsov
"Mileways" In-Verter
"Mindwaves" JD Harding
"Missing You" In-Verter
"Missing You" Sascha Henken
"Mission : Alpha One" Xgener8or
"Moments" Rob Litjens
"MU Experience" Mu-Lator
"My Best Friend" Sascha Henken
"My Buzzy Thing" Phaze-1
"My Buzzy Thing" Crackhead
"My Jazz Band" Mu-Lator
"My True Love Always" Mu-Lator
"Mystic Love" Mu-Lator
"Mystic Winds" JD Harding
"Neptun's Sphere" In-Verter
"Netrunner" N-Traxx
"Neurotic Robotics" N-Traxx
"New Dance" Unknown
"No Time Out" Phaze-1
"Noisey" Crackhead
"Nuked" Mu-Lator
"Olsen Driver" Trond Olsen
"Omletto" David J. Kelly
"OneMixUp" Unknown
"Only Me" David J. Kelly
"Oriental Storms" Mu-Lator
"Out of Reality" Yamaha
"Outerspace" Crackhead
"Pacific Twilight" Phaze-1
"Paranoia" Hydrix
"Party Fun" Steve
"Permanent Flux 1" Phaze-1
"Permanent Flux 2" Phaze-1
"Permanent Flux 3" Phaze-1
"Phaze1" Phaze-1
"Physical Attraction" Steve
"Pimps, Caddilacs and Dirty Money" Phaze-1
"Pinoy Styles" Mu-Lator
"Psychedelic Mindwarp" N-Traxx
"Pulse Line" Phaze-1
"Quest For Lost Hero's" David J. Kelly
"Rainy Day" David J. Kelly
"Rainy Day" Sascha Henken
"Rant n Rave" Phaze-1
"Realistic Love" Mu-Lator
"Rebirth" XGener8or
"Remix #1" Yamaha
"Resistance Is Futile" Steve
"Return Of The Prophets" XGener8or
"Rhizome" JRG
"Ring Around The Moon" David J. Kelly
"Rise" JD Harding
"Robo Dude" David J. Kelly
"Robo Rides The Bullet" David J. Kelly
"Rock" DJ Blackbird
"Rooms Of Styles" Crackhead
"Running Scared" Phaze-1
"Running Year" ModeXG
"Sadness To Revenge" Franma
"Schiwa" N-Traxx
"Schwimmer 1" Arno Van Dooren
"Schwimmer 2" Arno Van Dooren
"Sea Life" David J. Kelly
"Seascape" David J. Kelly
"Second Nature" Hydrix
"Secret Garden" David J. Kelly
"Seduction" 1Id
"Sequencial One" N-Traxx
"Shaft Retro Mix '96" Phaze-1
"She" Revvo Andrey
"Shell Shock" Yamaha
"Sigma" Yamaha
"Silence" Crackhead
"Silent City" JD Harding
"Silent Cruise" Mu-Lator
"Silver Leaf" Phaze-1
"Simulated Trip Hop" Zen
"Skeletor" Trond Olsen
"Sky Brother" David J. Kelly
"Sliabh" JRG
"Snow Fall" In-Verter
"Solo's 'n' Solo's" In-Verter
"Solutions" Sascha Henken
"Some Devotion" Phaze-1
"Sonic Dub" David J. Kelly
"Sonic Surfing Part 3" David J. Kelly
"Space Night" Sascha Henken
"Space Train" Zen
"Speed Of Life - Extended" ModeXG
"Speed Of Life" ModeXG
"Speed Out!!" In-Verter
"Spheres" Sascha Henken
"Squash" Unknown
"Squash" Crackhead
"St. Vitus Dance 1" Phaze-1
"St. Vitus Dance 2" Phaze-1
"Stakker" Phaze-1
"Stare" Revvo Andrey
"Static Dreams" N-Traxx
"Storms Over Jupiter" Yamaha
"Strings 'n' Things" Vertigo
"Stupidis" Yamaha
"Stygia" Trond Olsen
"Sugar Trip" Happs
"Summer Vibe" Happs
"Sweet Home Chicago" Adamantine Luster
"Synergenic" Mu-Lator
"Syntheria" Marek Szulen
"Techno 3" Sascha Henken
"Techno Etude 1" Unknown
"Techno Mania" Crackhead
"Techno Waves" Crackhead
"Techno" Yamaha
"Technocrat" Grooveland Road
"The Abduction Incident" Phaze-1
"The Dark Inside Me" Crackhead
"The Dark Side Of My Room" Phaze-1
"The Darkness Of Calindor" Sascha Henken
"The Desert Of Orion Prime" Sascha Henken
"The Eagles Land" Sascha Henken
"The End Of Begin" Revvo Andrey
"The Exploration Of Mars" Sascha Henken
"The Free Lands" Phaze-1
"The Introduction" Happs
"The Lite Side Of My Room" Phaze-1
"The Lost Worlds" Sascha Henken
"The Pain Of Love" Sascha Henken
"The Prophets Of Atlantis" XGener8or
"The Sense Of Life" Sascha Henken
"The Sixth Chamber" Mu-Lator
"The Soft Light" Franma
"The Storms Of Aldar Prime" XGener8or
"The UFO Experience" XGener8or
"The Way You Walk" Sascha Henken
"The Word" Happs
"Thinkin" 1Id
"Time To Run" Happs
"Timeless Sleep" In-Verter
"T-Jection" Crackhead
"Towards A Light" David J. Kelly
"Track87" Colombian Iguana
"Training Montage" Sascha Henken
"Tranceportation" Beathoven
"Trancetopia" Happs
"Transcengenic Trip" Marek Szulen
"Translucent 2" JD Harding
"Translucent" JD Harding
"Tribute For #CE# And X-Static" Sascha Henken
"Trouble" Phaze-1
"Tub XG" Unknown
"Tubefest" Dogbreath
"Universe Of Trance" Steve
"Utopia Planitia" Sascha Henken
"Vervain" Sascha Henken
"Vibes" Crackhead
"Waiting for the Day" Phaze-1
"Wargames" Happs
"Warm Logic" Phaze-1
"Warrior" Dude
"Wasted Moons" Apokalyps
"Wastelands" Trond Olsen
"Waves of Emotions" Franma
"Weird Trouble In The City" Sascha Henken
"Werd!" Mu-Lator
"We're Movin'" In-Verter
"When Ice Melts Into Water" Fukuri
"When The World Sleeps" Sascha Henken
"Where I Am" Analog
"Without Concept" Beathoven
"X-C-Cute" Mu-Lator
"X-Cita" Phaze-1
"X-Cited" Phaze-1
"XG Jam" XGener8or
"XG Party" Rob Litjens
"X-Mas Time" Steve
"X-Melody - Extended" ModeXG
"X-Melody" ModeXG
"Xonix" Richard Bakker
"Yak 3" Rob Litjens
"Yearning For Love" Sascha Henken
"You're Back" Analog

XG Cover Songs

"After the Love has Gone" Earth Wind and Fire / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Agains All Odds" Phil Collins / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Alf TV Song" Dubi Soft Inc.
"Always" Erasure / John J. Holdenx
"Another Brick In The Wall" Pink Floyd / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Around the World - 7Up Mix" Daft Punk / DJ 7Up
"Around the World - Quioxte Remix" Daft Punk / DJ 7Up
"Basket Case" Green Day / Tone Tune Productions
"Bellisima" DJ Quicksilver / Ultrascsi
"Bitter Sweet Symphony" The Verve / Ultrascsi
"BladeRunner Love Theme" Phaze-1
"Boney M 1997 Remix" Boney M / Ultrascsi
"Breathe Remix" Prodigy / DJ 7Up
"Breathin Harder" Prodigy / Phaze-1
"Chick Le Freak" Unknown
"Children - 808 Mix" Robert Miles / DJ 7Up
"Children" Robert Miles / Unknown
"Crash Boom Bang" Roxette / Peter Van Leperen
"Crazy" Seal / Bill Welsh
"Dancing Queen" ABBA / Yamaha
"Do Ya Think I am Sexy" N-trance / Ultrascsi
"Dr. Jones" Aqua / Ultrascsi
"Easy" Faith No More / Unknown
"Encore Une Fois" DJ Sash / The Bears
"Fantasy" Earth Wind and Fire / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Fields of Gold" Sting / Dave Kelly
"Final Countdown" Europe / Bill Welsh
"Fragile" Sting / Fireman
"Free" DJ Quicksilver / Ultrascsi
"Free" Ultra Nate /Ultrascsi
"Frozen - Dance Mix" Madonna / Bill Welsh
"Gangsta's Paradise" Coolio / Jennifer Spengler
"Get ready for This" 2 Unlimited / Unknown
"Go West" Pet Shop Boys / Unknown
"Green Beret" Martin Galway / Dany C.
"Green Beret" Martin Galway / Sascha Henken
"Hand in Hand" Dune / Ultrascsi
"Have I Never Ever" All Saints / Unknown
"High" Lighthouse Family
"Home by the Sea" Genesis / Benoit Cadot
"Honesty" Billy Joel / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Hotel California" Eagles / Russ Hetherington
"How Deep is Your Love" BeeGees / Unknown
"I Still Haven't Found" Polygram / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"I'll Adore You" Theme from Dominion Tank Police / Mu-Lator
"If I Loose My Faith" Sting / Mr. Red
"Impossible Mission" Unknown / Phaze-1
"Indian Dance" Glen Miller / Trond Olsen
"It's no Good" Depeche Mode / Thomas Baur
"It's so Quite" Bjork / Ultrascsi
"Karma Police" Radiohead / Unknown
"Knocking on Heaven Door" Gun's n Roses / Unknown
"Let's Dance" David Bowie / Unknown
"Loosing my Religion" R.E.M / Oleg Kouznetsov
"NO Good - Start The Dance" Prodigy / Unknown
"NO Limit" 2 Unlimited / Unknown
"One Love" Prodigy / Unknown
"One Step" Madness / David J. Kelly
"Open your Mind" Usura / Ultrascsi
"Oxygene 8" Jean Michael Jarre / Dany C.
"Popcorn 97" Ultrascsi
"Power of Love" Unknown
"Regulate" Snoop Doggy Dog
"Return To Innocence" Enigma / Unknown
"Robert Miles Megamix 97" Robert Miles / Ultrascsi
"Romeo and Juliet" Dire Straits / Unknown
"Run Like Hell" Pink Floyd / Blake Wallace
"Runaway Train" Soul Asylum / Quy Nguyen
"See You" Depeche Mode / Mike Guy
"Seven Days and One Week" B.B.E. / Morten Hagen Svends
"Shafting Theme" Unknown / Phaze-1
"Show Must Go On - Celestial Trance mix" Queen /Chris Holm
"Smack my Bitch Up" Prodidy / Ultrascsi
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" Nirvana / Yamaha
"Sometimes" Erasure /Gareth Hall
"Stay!" DJ Sash / Ultrascsi
"Stay'in Alive" BeeGees / Arthur Van de Woestijne
"Strip" Faith No More / Unknown
"Stupid Girl" Garbage / Funkysiva
"Sultans of Swing" Dire Straits / Unknown
"Sunchyme" Dario G / Ultrascsi
"Swamp Thing" The Grid / Yamaha
"The Sign" Ace Of Base / Unknown
"This Is The Night" Antiloop / Robin Akerstrom
"Titanic Theme - Techno mix" Celin Dion / James Horner
"Together Again" Janet Jackson / Ultrascsi
"Tribal Dance" 2 Unlimited / Unknown
"Two Becomes One" Spice Girls / Unknown
"Virtual Insanity" Jamiroquai / Doc Savage
"Walk this Way" Run DMC / William Whalen
"What Love" Warren G. / Unknown
"Whole Lotta Rosie" AC/DC / Julio Lema
"Wonderwall" Oasis / Unknown
"X-Files Theme" Mark Snow / Sascha Henken
"You are not Alone" Olive / Ultrascsi


"Aspirin" Tim Shneider and Markus Polka
"Brothers" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"Dark Light" Chris and Jon Abbott
"Dimensions" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"Dream On" Apokalyps and MU-Lator
"Exstasia" Chris and Jon Abbott
"Feel The Energy" Chris and Jon Abbott
"First Contact" Sascha Henken, Christer Holm, MU-Lator
"Floating Dreams" Sascha Henken and Holger Nyga
"Galactic Cruise" Christer Holm and Sascha Henken
"Hippiegroove" Dogbreath and Paul Fiction
"Hope" Mario Lindbaeck and Sacha Henken
"Images" Chris and Jon Abbott
"In Your Mind" Crackhead, Zen, N-Traxx, Virex
"Jungle" Christer Holm and Sascha Henken
"Lost In The Net" Crackhead and MrRED
"Music Experience" Crackhead, N-Traxx, Zen, Xgener8or, Fireman
"NewTry" Zen and In8
"Night Star" Chris & Jon Abbott
"Odysee" Sascha Henken and Michael Banz
"On Your Face" Fireman and Crackhead
"Project Brainstorm" Sascha Henken and Holger Nyga
"Psychedelic" Crackhead and Zen
"Ranger" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"Rant - The Final Mix" Dave Kelly and Matt E. Johnson
"Rebirth Of Cryogenic Emotions" Sascha Henken and Chris Holm
"Return to our Eastern Sunset" MU-Lator and M4U
"Return To Our Eastern Sunset" Franma and Maria (M4U)
"Rising Sun" MU-Lator, M4U, XGener8or, Instinctiv8r
"Robotic Dreams" Crackhead and Virex
"Space Voyage" Sascha Henken and Franma
"Static Emotions" MU-Lator, Instinctiv8or, Xgener8or, Crackhead, N-Traxx
"Suburbia" Chris and Jon Abbott
"Swedish Inspirations" Sascha Henken and Franma
"The Ancestral World" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"The Love Within" MU-Lator and Sascha Henken
"Time is the Fire" Sascha Henken and Holger Nyga
"Trance Global Union" Fireman and Phaze-1
"Trance Utopia" Chris and Jon Abbott
"Two Mind Rush!" Mario Lindbaeck and Sacha Henken
"Two Minds Rush" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"Utopic Dance" Sascha Henken and Holger Nyga
"When The Light Vanishes" Sascha Henken and Mario Lindbдck
"When The Storms Over" Chris and Jon Abbott
"X-Gener8or" Sascha Henken and MU-Lator

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