Yamaha DB50XG

Yamaha  DB50XG

Yamaha DB50XG is the first representative in the family of XG sound cards. DB50XG - is a daughter board, installed on already available Sound Blaster or card, having expansion connector (Wave-Blaster connector). This sound card is designed on the basis of professional synthesizer that has allowed to reach professional musical possibilities and excellent quality of sounding on the usual computer. Yamaha, being the developer and manufacturer of synthesizer microchips and daughter board itself made possible to reach such a low retail price. This sound card is designed on the basis of synthesizer and three independent 24 bit DSP processors.

Thereby DB50XG is a high-quality synthesizer with the powerful section of effects (the whole 64 types) with the possibility by their fine adjustment and addressing on each MIDI channel separately.


676 on board fully programmable sounds.
21 on board fully programmable drum kits.
Full pitch envelope staging.
Dynamic panning control of all 3 effects sends.
3 on board independent 24 bit DSP processors.
18 bit delta sigma DA converters with total dynamic range of 96Db.
64 different effects types.
Up to 16 parameters per effect.
3 band fully parametric EQ.
5 band graphic equalization.
Full ADSR envelope stage.
Harmonic content parameter on all sounds.
Guitar AMP simulation modes.
On board 16 bit 12 Mhz CPU. 256 kb on board DSP RAM.
32 kb on board voice program memory (DRAM).
Independent quartz crystal timer.
Total surface mount technology.


Windows 3.1x, 95, 98, DOS, OS/2.
TG300, XG, MU50, GM, MT-32.

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